gronk – Watch More Funny Videos

This is exactly and I mean exactly how I’d expect Gronk to sound mic’d up in a game. Just shoving power bars down his face giving him mad energy while doing the Ric Flair whoo, bragging to his teammates about blocking dudes, calling Belichick “dog” and freaking out like a 2nd grader when he’s on the jumbotron. Seriously that chest bump thing on the jumbotron is exactly what 95% of normal everyday working slobs would do when they get on the jumbtron. “Like hey look we’re on the jumbotron we better chest bump!” Even his injury was funny. “He landed right on my ankle dude.” Too perfect. Again it’s all why I fucking love Gronk. The real deal doesn’t even begin to describe how much of the real deal he is. Just a big fucking meathead playing football doing exactly what you or I would do in his shoes. My only regret is that I got to share him with the world now that everybody knows how awesome he is.

PS – Here is the entire 10 minute clip from Showtime. All of it is pretty great.  Love Bob Kraft telling Brady it’s okay that he sucked

Double PS – Is there any doubt that power bar scene is exactly how the Gronk’s ate family dinner together.  Just sitting around the table shoving shit down their face as fast as they could with Ric Flair whoo sounds and Homer Simpson eating sounds being the only thing heard in the room.