DM – A shocking video capturing a high school teacher mercilessly bullied by her own students has been revealed showing her flicked in the face while the rest of the class roars with laughter. Standing before the applauding laughter of her students, the substitute teacher in Baltimore, Maryland appears half the size of two girls who approach her while throwing items and flicking her face. Taken two weeks ago from what appears to be a cell phone camera, Baltimore City Schools has confirmed the school to be Digital Harbor High, a magnet school in Federal Hill. Despite muffled audio, the unidentified teacher can be heard threatening the students with suspension after asking them to stop. One student says ‘shut up, b***h,’ to the laughter of the class. Since the video’s upload to YouTube on October 22, the same day it was filmed, Baltimore City Schools says one student has been disciplined. The method of discipline used was not revealed.

The only thing worse than being a High School Teacher has to be being a substitute teacher. Just the worst job in the world. I’d rather work in a coal mine that has a 75% chance of collapsing than be a sub. Kids these days suck. Just no respect for anybody or anything. And teachers hands are tied. You can’t touch a kid. You can’t yell at a kid. You can’t insult a kid. It’s like the more out of control students get the more you got to coddle their asses. It makes NO sense.  Like I’m dying to know what the punishment was for this fatzo?   A week suspension?  What the hell is that going to do? She should be kicked out of school for life and somebody should beat the fuck out of her.   Maybe throw her in jail for a month.    If kids know they can get away with murder they’ll keep murdering people.