DM - Police reports said the 50-year-old ‘disrobed completely naked’ last night while going through a security screening area. Staff and security, called ‘screeners’ at US airports, asked him ‘numerous times’ to put his clothes back on – reports said. Brennan was arrested and charged with indecent exposure and disorderly conduct. He later told authorities that he was a regular flyer and had removed his clothes because he was angry at the way he was searched. A police report said: ‘He said he disrobed as a form of protest against TSA (Transportation Security Administration) screeners he felt were harassing him.’

This bro has some nerve huh?   Hey guy have you looked at yourself in a mirror lately?   Terrorist city baby.   Like if you aren’t getting frisked every fucking time you fly like you’re trying to get into the House of Blues for a Blackout Concert than TSA ain’t doing their job.  And newsflash the only thing you proved by stripping is that TSA was right to harass you because you’re batshit insane.   If anything they should have done a full body cavity search just to be safe. Ugh, gross.  I just puked a little thinking about that.   My bad.

PS – That TSA agent with the comb over is so over it.   Old timer just wants a bud and the Sunday paper.