Source – A father born without functioning hands is suing Six Flags theme park after he was stopped from riding the Aquaman Splashdown. Clint Bench, who does not have fully formed hands, says he was ‘embarrassed’ after being told to get off the ride by staff at the Six Flags Over Texas in front of his children. In the suit, filed in Dallas federal court, Mr Dench says the amusement park violated the Americans With Disabilities Act. The father-of-two, from Weatherford, Texas, said when he tried to board the ride last May he was told by an employee to leave ‘because he does not have hands’, according to Dallas News. In the suit, Mr Bench said it caused him ‘considerable embarrassment’ as his children had never seen him discriminated before. Aquaman riders sit in a boat that travels down into water, causing a large wave to soak them.  The papers filed on Tuesday say: ‘Mr Bench is a physically fit, healthy adult with great upper body strength. He can perform all manners of activities, including activities that one would normally assume would require the use of hands.’ He can write, type, tie his shoes, fire a gun and enjoys water skiing and mountain biking and has never considered using prosthetics, it said.


This guy with no hands has to chill out.  Six Flags had every right to give him the boot.  I mean I don’t know exactly how the ride goes or what’s required to not fall out, but if there’s any doubt then six flags has to lookout for their own interest. I mean haven’t they had like 10 people die on the Superman in Agawam? Fat motherfuckers falling out on sharp turns because they can’t get the safety bar over their fat gut. Bottom line is that if this no-handed guy falls out and dies then everyone’s coming at Six Flags saying why’d you let a bro with no hands get on? They went with the smart play here. Better safe then sorry when you’re mixing thrill rides and handicapped people. I just can’t imagine being the person who actually had to tell him he couldn’t ride. Like sorry sir, you can’t get on, because ahh, you know…because of your freakishness.