SANDY, Utah —  A video released by the Sandy, Utah police department shows a handcuffed burglary suspect jumping out of a patrol car traveling on Interstate 15. The man, 20-year-old Nicholas Duffy, was high on drugs and vomiting when they found him. Police rolled down the window about a foot so Duffy could get some fresh air. Duffy was able to wiggle out of the small space and jump out of the squad car as it drove down I-15. Duffy hit the pavement and sustained road rash to his hands and shoulder, but no broken bones. ”It’s amazing he didn’t get run over or die from the fall,” Quezada said. Midvale cops had tazed Duffy early Saturday morning after an alleged burglary. They then took him to the Alta View Hospital suspecting mental illness and possible drug use.  Once Duffy leaves the hospital, he’ll be heading to jail with possible felony charges of trying to escape from police.

This has to be the best escape of all time right?   Like escaping from the back of a cop car while handcuffed?  That’s some McGuyver shit right there.   Yeah I know he just bounced off the ground and got put right back in the car two seconds later, but I’m just going to pretend he didn’t. Makes it that much more bad ass.