1. Frankie Muniz

2. Middle Surfer Bro killing it with the salad

3. Gay friends

4. 2nd to right legit petrified

5. The Old Going to a Haunted House alone routine

6. I think that dude just looks like that all the time

7. Sneaky penetration on the left

8. Just came from the food court

9. Brother is ready to run.

10. Human Caterpillar

11. I see the tongue ring.  And your boyfriends fat rolls

12. Bro go last not first.

13. Kind of embarrass for the kid hiding

14. Best scared face yet. Tapout not impressed.  Also not a prototypical tapout looking guy

15. Argyle is out bro

16. Buffalo Bills scared shitless

17. Not so tough anymore X games

18. Okay what’s going on?  I’m dying to know what they are looking at

19. Bieber

20. More human caterpillar

21. Running from the haunted house or the chick?

22. Nice Matching shorts

23. How’s those fat rolls feel kid?

24. Let’s see how hard we can mash our cock into our buddies assholes crew

25. Pussy Steelers fan

26.Nice ass

27. Scared shitless

28. Boring

29. Not so tough anymore bandana man

30. Euros?

32. Holding hands is cute

33. Conga line

34. Pussy Rugby team

35. I like Big Butts and I can not lie.  Twerk that shit


36. Grope that hot chick please

So I saw this gallery yesterday. Just a ton of pictures of bros getting the fuck scared out them at some Haunted House in Niagara Falls. Pretty funny stuff.    But I’ll tell you what scared me. The dude in maroon who went by himself. That’s real life scary. I’m talking chopped up people in your freezer scary. Seriously who goes to a haunted house alone? Wacko much? Also what’s up with the guys in the last picture? What’s the point of bringing a cute chick if you’re not even going to grope her when everybody jumps? Defeats the whole purpose of bringing a chick. You might as well just do the human caterpillar with your dick in your buddies asshole like everybody else was doing here.

PS – I’ve always been a firm believer that haunted houses should be allowed to murder 1 person per year.   That would up the ante big time.  Like knowing in the back of the your mind that you could actually die would increase the scare factor a billion fold.  Granted maybe they are already doing that based on these reactions?