So this is a hot new site right now I guess. Essentially chicks go on and post texts from guys and get advice from other chicks. I’ve been reading for like 45 minutes and am going to need a front loader to get my jaw off the floor. I’m so shocked that I actually thought it had to be fake. I mean look at these texts. Can girls not decipher what’s going on here? They just sit there flipping through Cosmopolitan magazines like they’re an Encyclopedia Britannica and uploading screenshots to random websites searching for answers? Boy have I been going about things the wrong way.


Keep fucking him. He will eventually break up with his girlfriend and come running to your window in the rain and you will have your romantic comedy moment. That’s how these situations always end.


If a girl lets a random guy fuck her in the ass that means she’s let other people do it and that’s not an image a boyfriend wants for the rest of his life. A guy will not ask a chick he sees himself staying with to put his dick in her ass. It’s a conquering thing, not a loving thing. (unless they’re married in which case the rule book goes out the window)

When it comes to girls guys are never, ever “crazy with work.” If he liked you he’d see you. If he doesn’t like you he has “work.” Simple.

This one just made me laugh out loud. You’ll have self respect in spades if you go see a guy who texts things like “yo yo yo” and calls you babe.

PS – I am totally using this emoji when I want to fuck a girl from now on. Don’t even know what it means, just love it.