I’ve noticed this doing Wake Ups. Pretty weird. Before breasts or butt, “feet” is always the suggestion. It’s searched that often. I thought the foot fetish crew was a pretty exclusive niche. But this many people google people’s feet that it’s a top google suggestion on a disturbing number of celebrities? Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think feet are disgusting. People who find feet nauseating are just as weird as people who think they’re sexy. If a chick wants to give me a footjob then she can pop in the Happy Feet dvd and call me Dr. Scholl for all I care. But I’m not going to sit around googling celebrities tootsies and shit. Can’t imagine beating my dick to a girl playing this little piggy went to market. Need a little more sexual stimulation than a pair of toenails painted sea foam green.

PS – something something Rex Ryan.