Well I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I wish I never saw this video. I mean how is it possible that I just saw Heidi Watney in a bathing suit and my dick didn’t even think of moving? I don’t even know what to say or who to blame? I’m just confused. Was it the bathing suits fault? Is Heidi sneaky not as hot as I thought she was? Whatever the case may be shame on NESN for airing this. Listen I don’t care if this is just what she looks like without clothes on. Then don’t fucking show it and ruin the dream. Bottom Line is you don’t unveil a fancy new car until you’ve shined it up and tested it out. It’s like NESN didn’t even ask to see what Heidi was wearing or what she looked like in her bathing suit before she showed up to this thing. Seriously how about at least mixing in a tan? Haven’t we earned that much? I mean TC looked like he’d have a shot at fucking her in this video and that’s never good.