I don’t know why, but this video really rubbed me the wrong way.  Actually check that.   I know why.    Because I fucking hate Tony Dungy and this video actually summed up every reason why.   He’s just so fucking self righteous.  Like yeah lecture me on fantasy football and who I should draft even though you’ve never played before, don’t have a team, and had never heard of it before this interview.  God for bid he just shut up for once in his life and not act like hes the end all be all.

And I wasn’t going to bring up his shirt but I’m gonna.   All Pro Dad?  Really?    Didn’t his kid commit suicide?    That’s obviously a tragedy and his parenting may not have had anything to do with it, but it doesn’t even matter.  Just by wearing that shirt it made me raise my eyebrows and draw the connection.  And even without the tragic death it’s a pretty well known fact that football coaches are shitty parents because they work 93 hour days and travel all the time.    So it just seems like you’d have to be pretty fucking arrogant to wear that shirt with his past history.   All Pro dad my ass.