Holy yes please! If you can’t fuck like a champ with a pair on handle bars strapped to your girl then you might as well turn your dick in. Whenever I’m banging doggy I always end up basically squishing the girl. Put way too much pressure on her back and her legs slip on the sheets and we end up flat as a pancake. Look like that high school kid wrestling the one with cerebral palsy. Just wiggling and writhing around trying to get in the right spot. Unless you’re perfectly compatible heights it’s basically a geometry lesson to line up genitals. Not anymore folks. I’ve never bought a sex toy before but Christmas 2012 is the year of the MunkeyBarz. What did I get you under the tree, babe? Oh just a bunch of screaming orgasms in the form of a workout belt with a pair of Mongoose handles strapped to it. Best boyfriend ever. Can’t wait til they come out with the pegs so her girlfriend can come everywhere too.

Just gotta find a girlfriend first because if you ask a random chick to put these on she’s all of a sudden 100% sure you’re gonna kill her.