SPRINGFIELDWhen a probation officer on Friday made a spot check of the apartment of Lisa Lavoie — the former Holyoke middle school teacher on probation for having sex with a 15-year-old student in 2009 — the officer found the now 18-year-old man hiding in Lavoie’s closet. One of the conditions of Lavoie’s probation when she pleaded guilty in early 2011 to statutory rape from the 2009 allegation was to have no contact with the boy or his family. So Lavoie, 26, was arrested for violating probation… Lavoie was a teacher at the Maurice Donohue Elementary School when she ran off with the 15-year-old male student in February 2009. After a multi-state search that involved the FBI and U.S. Border Patrol, Lavoie was found with the boy in a motel room in West Virginia

You know, it’s hard to define “greatness” or know where it comes from.  It is mere natural, God-given ability?  Or is it the residue of hard work?  Created from within by a burning desire to be the best?  Personally, I think it’s a lot of both.  We’ve all witnessed guys who could’ve been great squander their chance because they just didn’t want enough.  Like like we’ve seen guys with all the heart and hustle who just weren’t blessed with the gifts necessary.  But every once in a while, the two come together.  Michael Jordan born a terrific athlete but who was the first to show up to work out and the last to leave.  Larry Bird, blessed with a jumper softer than a unicorn’s eyelashes but who shot 500 free throws a day and ran the steps in the Garden long after practice was over.  Tiger Woods crushing the ball at the age of 3 and hitting the driving range in rainstorms between classes at Stanford.  It’s that unrelenting will to make the most of your abilities that makes “greatness.”  Well, Lisa Lavoie is that blend of talent and desire and that is why she IS one of the greats.

Lisa has madehistory with this.  She is the first 3-time recipient of one of a Sex Scandal Teacher grade.  I always say that extra credit is available and she is living proof.  To steal a line from Red in Shawshank, I must admit I didn’t think much of Lisa first time I laid eyes on her; looked like a stiff breeze would blow her over. That was my first impression of the woman.  Then I saw new pictures of her and read about her court hearing when she plead an oath before God and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts that she did in fact bone the kid, and I fell in love.  And bumped her up to a B+. But  getting smashed by the kid again?  In violation of the terms of her release meaning she’s going back to jail for it?  That’s heart.  That’s effort.  That’s the burning desire to be the best that can only be rewarded with Grade: A+. Someday there’ll be a Sex Scandal Teacher Hall of Fame, and Lisa Lavioe is going in with the inaugural class.  @JerryThornton1