TMZ – A knife-wielding man dressed up as Tony Montana from the 1983 classic “Scarface” taunted police during a real-life standoff in L.A. … and stayed in character the entire time, TMZ has learned. It all went down at an apartment complex in Hollywood around 10pm Tuesday night — cops were called to the scene to respond to a man wearing a Tony Montana-style white suit (with the big pimped-out collar) who began screaming at people while waving a machete. When cops arrived, a police negotiator tried to convince the man to surrender peacefully — but he responded by screaming various quotes from “Scarface” … while pointing to a DVD copy of the movie he was carrying in his non-machete hand. Sources at the scene tell us the Tony-alike taunted police by calling them, “f**king cops” … and threatening to cut them. After a 6-hour standoff, cops convinced the man to throw his machete down into the apartment swimming pool … but officers were forced to use tear gas to take the suspect into custody.



Don’t know what this guy did. Don’t care. Any man who stays in character as Tony Montana for six hours while arguing with the cops is OK in my book. Not even letting swat teams and police negotiators get in the way of his method acting. Try and tell him that he’s not Scarface. Go ahead, try. It ain’t gonna work. Because he is Scarface. Nobody has ever been more Scarface. We should all be so lucky to have this much passion for anything in our lives.

PS – Really hope he’s not a rapist or murderer though. That could hurt this blog.