YahooMeet Adelia Zeidler, older sibling to the sexiest man alive. Fo rsome reason, this week, the 52-year-old stepped into the spotlight to answer candid questions about her brother in an in-depth interview with the New York Daily News. What begins as a gossip story ripe for pick-up (“George Clooney’s sister says he’s not gay!”) evolves into a profile of a unique lady with a very un-Hollywood lifestyle.Adelia considered the same career as her brother, and still thinks about what her life would have been like if she’d followed the path of an actor. “Yes, there is a part of me that would very much like to have become a famous actress or something like that,” she says. “I enjoy acting and I was fairly okay at it, but I did not have a thick enough skin for it.

Yeah that’s it Adelia. You didn’t have thick enough skin to be an actor.  Couldn’t handle the criticism. If it weren’t for that it could have been you on the cover of People’s Sexiest Magazine issue. Makes perfect sense.  Being gross looking had nothing to with why you ended up working at Kohls.  Nope it was all about not having thick enough skin. Gotcha. Glad we cleared that up.