Let me first start off by saying I’m as anti-booing your own team’s jersey as it gets. I’m not sure I’ve ever done it. Like whenever it was the the idiot Gillette fans booed the Pats after a loss to the Dolphins I was disgusted. But tonight is an entirely different story. Beckett has parlayed the chicken and beer incident into something exponentially larger. After last year Lester apologized and somewhat cleared his ledger, Lackey was lucky enough to need Tommy John so no one even cares about him anymore, but Beckett has kept the pedal to the metal on his “I don’t give a fuck” tour. He deserves to be booed.

I’m smart enough to realize that the chicken and beer wasn’t the main cause of last year’s epic collapse. And I do trust Beckett in so far that he wouldn’t go golfing if it was gonna injure him further, his health and body are his 401K after all. But whether it be playing Halo and eating Popeye’s or being spotted on the back 9 two days before being scratched, they’re symbolic. Symbolic of a dude who is entirely checked out and does not give a shit about the fans who “sell out” the ball park every night. You’d think he’d understand that after last year he should have treated the first few months like he was in his girl’s doghouse. Keep your head down, do your chores, and hope it blows over soon. I mean Lester isn’t exactly pitching lights out. In fact, if anything, he’s made me realize he’ll never be the ace we need him to be. But no one is bringing up last year because he’s doing everything else right.

So tonight, for the first time in my life, I’m gonna condone an all out booing. Make his ears ring from it. Because if anyone has ever deserved it, it’s Josh Beckett. You’re not booing the jersey, you’re booing the arrogant, self-centered and lazy piece of shit wearing it. And the best part is that Beckett is a warrior. It will probably piss him off and he’ll go out there and give up 2 over 8. Win for everyone.

Until the bullpen blows it in the 9th, of course.