So I blogged about this hardo a month ago.  The dude who is literally skydiving from outer space like an asshole.   Social media is all abuzz with people talking about how cool it is and shit.  (Probably Red Bull employees)  Well today for the 2nd straight day he pussied out from jumping.   It was too windy or he broke a nail or some shit like that.   And that means tomorrow for the 3rd straight day we have to go through this same song and dance with this clown.   Honestly he’s quickly becoming my most hated man in the universe.  I mean jump, don’t jump I don’t give a fuck.   But pick one of the other and get it over with.  Because this publicity stunt of taking your little spaceship into the sky and then pretending you’re going to do it and then getting cold feet is getting real old real fast. Like you want to be some awesome daredevil?  Well say you’re going to do something and then do it.  Stop being a pussy.  You think Dana Kutz wouldn’t jump because it’s too windy?   Fuck no.  That guy did it right.   Back when being a daredevil was for the love of the game not because Red Bull paid you tons of money to be a coward.  And how is just falling from the sky qualify you as an athlete anyway?   I could do that shit too.  Just drop me and I’ll fall like a champ.