So I was watching PTI yesterday and they cut to Stat Boy when they were doing Oddsmakers and per usual he had his patented “I just worked my real job at Around the Horn and now I ripped my tie off so it looks like it’s the last song of my wedding look going”. Anyway I couldn’t help but wonder how much the guy makes. I mean I don’t mind Stat Boy, but at the same time if he didn’t show up for 3 months straight I don’t think I’d ask once where he is. He’s just kind of wallpaper to me. So how much does a guy like this make? 100K? Is that too much? Too little? I’m obsessed with it now. It’s like Constanza with Jerry’s new coat. How much does this guy make? I demand to know.   It can’t be more than 100K.  Listen I’m ending this blog and if nobody says anything I’m going to assume it’s over 100K. 100K! He can’t make that much! For what?



PS – How about the guy who yells “WHOO” by himself when Jerry walks out in the jacket.   Clearly thought he was going to get more crowd support there.   So awkward.