(Kent) Students were shocked when a fun hypnosis show included members of the audience performing erotic dances and being tricked into thinking they’d been indecently touched. The show, at the Universities at Medway’s Coopers bar, was part of Freshers’ Week activities for new students. It was advertised as the chance to “watch your new friends transformed into aliens and superheroes. One to remember!” But it ended up being remembered for the wrong reasons after hypnotist Colin Adamson, pictured left, caused controversy with a show featuring sexual acts. Participants were made to perform tasks including lap dances, ogling the opposite sex and imagining others naked. Adamson told two women, hypnotised into performing a lap dance, “When you wake up, you will think he touched you up just now”. After doing so, one girl was said to be too upset to speak while the other said she would castrate the audience member with a spoon.

Love all these sluts.  Oh I got tricked into giving lap dances and acting like a whore, blah, blah, blah.   Yeah right.   It’s a known fact the only people who can get hypnotized are people who want to get hypnotized.  These bitches were  just looking for an excuse to let their inner slut out without being judged.   No different than Halloween or coming to a Blackout Party.  Bottom line is all chicks want to act dirty and crave that cock.   This hypnotist just gave chicks a reason to behave like they want to behave without feeling guilty about it.

PS – to everyone who’s friends with the girl who threatened to castrate the audience with a spoon: found the “girl who takes everything way too far” of your group.

PPS – this dude looks just like some actor but I can’t put my finger on it. Who is it?