(USAToday) --Boston Celtics fans don’t need a reminder of what LeBron James accomplished this season. They lived through it. But Powerade has been congratulating James for his title on an electronic billboard on I-93 in Boston. The billboard is three miles from the TD Garden where the Celtics play. The ad reads: “Congrats LeBron. A championship has a nice ring to it.”

How stupid is Powerade?  How stupid is the marketing department of Powerade?  It’s literally astounding how dumb some ad agencies are.   I mean you have to have absolute rocks for brains to think this is a good idea.   Like yeah let’s put a congratulations to the Antichrist sign right over i-93 in Boston.   Maybe put it on the side of the Garden.  Hell why don’t you mix in a Bucky Dent sign at Fenway or a “Great Catch David Tyree” sign at Gillette while you’re at it?  After all what’s the worst that can happen besides every single person in New England boycotting your product.  Well played Powerade,   Well played.   Who wanted the Boston market anyway?   Gatorade 4 life.