(Alpha Nail)What do Roger Huerta, Chuck Liddell, Chris Leben and Dave Navarro have in common? They are all alpha males and they all adorn their nails with war paint. Why? Why not! For the fighter or the guitar picker, any normal nail polish will add natural strength to the nail and prevent chipping and cracking. But it is more than that. It is a statement… a proclamation of the inner attitude of the alpha. It is about having the confidence that says ‘I am my own man, and will decide the rules for how I live my life according to how I see fit.

I train with it, I win with it, I party with it, and I do work with it. Alpha Nail brings some extra style to those who got it.

Nick “The Ghost” Gonzalez
I don’t want to be too over the top because I don’t want you guys to think I’m being sarcastic: the Alpha Nail advertising team is probably the greatest brain trust of advertisers in history. The kind of guys who could sell an ice cube to an eskimo. 10 minutes ago I didn’t know nail polish for men was a thing, now I’m embarrassed I’m not wearing any. I look like such a pussy. Look at those screenshots. Look at those quotes. Can’t make that kind of stuff up. Sex: get more of it. Swagger. Battle. Style. Look good. Feel good. All the cool guy buzz words so you know it’s legit. Guys like Nick “The Ghost” Gonzalez don’t just endorse any product, just boss shit that you can do work with. The only way you can be hotter than Alpha Nails is if you’re wearing it with Axe body spray and LA Looks. That’s just dangerous. Like to see any broad with her salt survive that combo.