You know what my biggest problem with the Red Sox is right now?  I can’t figure out who I should blame and hate the most.   People have pointed the finger at everything from Fried Chicken to Liverpool to Theo Epstein to Bobby V to John Henry, to the team just not caring, to it just not being in God’s plan right now etc.  Honestly none of those reasons make any sense to me.   Like yeah Adrian Gonzalez is the  most boring human ever to walk planet earth.  It’s obvious he treats spring training AB’s the same way as bottom of the 9th with the season on the line.  But was Manny any better?  Nobody cared less than him and he threw traveling secretaries down flights of stairs to boot.  You don’t have to care to be great.  We’ve won with guys who didn’t care and were assholes.   Yeah the ownership group sucks but we won with them too.

The only thing I can come up with is blind luck.  I know that seems outrageous but that’s all I got right now. When they pitch well they don’t hit.  When they hit they don’t pitch.  When their relief is good their starting pitching sucks.  Everything is just off.   The whole thing has just made me think how fickle baseball is and really how lucky Theo Epstein is.  He was never the boy wonder people said he was and he’s not nearly as stupid as he seems now.   Seriously I feel like you could pull a Trading Places experiment with 95% of GM’s in baseball and their teams would be the same.  Like I’m not going to call Theo an idiot for signing Lackey, Crawford or Gonzalez  I liked all those moves.  How could you not?  The only thing that has changed is the ball was bouncing our way a couple years ago and now it ain’t.  Everything that could go wrong has.  It’s like criticizing the Angels for signing Pujols.  How could anybody know he’d be this bad so far?     I mean look at the standings across baseball.   The Sox are in last.  Yankees are in 2nd to last.  Phillies are in last.  Angels are in last.   It makes no sense.    The teams with the biggest payrolls are all getting their asses kicked.  It has to be an anomaly.  So what’s my point? I guess everybody is looking for a scape goat right now and I’m not sure one exists.    The only thing I know for sure is when you’re losing and you have guys who don’t seem to care/assholes and a despicable ownership group it makes you hate everybody and losing ten times worse.