What the fuck is up with this guy’s co-worker? What’s his name? Because I think he’s the man. Guy loves Entourage so we’ll obviously get off on the right foot. Throw out a few Johnny Drama quotes and we’ll be best friends before Turtle takes his first bong rip of the day. Then the spiking the front of his hair only on Fridays because it’s the “start of the weekend”? Yeah that’s potentially the greatest move of all time. I’d never heard of something like it until yesterday but now I’m totally convinced that if you don’t have a weekend hairdo then you’re a nobody. Like a mullet’s party in the back but only for Friday to Sunday. I need one. And I’ll be the first to admit that the fact that he drives a PT Cruiser really surprised me. Seems crazy for such a cool guy to drive a PT Cruiser. But when you think about it it’s actually genius. Practically sized car that mixes old school looks with new school muscle. Great car to meet chicks in because only chicks drive it. Instant ice breaker. Guy is just operating on another level. Lesser men would have to worry about chicks thinking he’s gay in a PT Cruiser but not if your hair is spiked up in front. That’s the definition of a party starter.

Boggsie, please email me his name and facebook link. He has smokebro of the day written all over him.

PS – do you think he bleaches the spiked front? Probably. That look was crazy sexycool in the 90′s. Need a dude like this to bring it back.