(The Weekly Vice) - Raymond Garcia, a 45-year-old Roswell man was jailed Friday after he allegedly got into a fight with a stop sign, then attacked police officers who had been dispatched to break up the altercation. According to Roswell Police, officers dispatched to Main Street and West Deming at around 2:30 a.m. after a witness called 911 to report that a man was engaged in a fight with a stop sign, When officers arrived on the scene, Garcia became argumentative and attempted to flee. Two officers shot Garcia with Taser darts, however Garcia kicked and fought officers as they attempted to apprehend him. Officers attempted to use a Taser on Garcia a second time, however, he pulled the darts out and continued to resist. One officer attempted to use a baton to subdue him, however, Garcia reportedly grabbed the baton and swung it at officers. When officers tried to use pepper spray on Garcia, he wiped his face and ran away – throwing the baton at officers as he fled. Eventually, Garcia was tackled and subdued by three officers.

Totally sucks to be Raymond Garcia right now. The whole internet is laughing at him for being the guy who got his shit pushed in by an inanimate object. Did no one read the article? He beat the sign’s ass. The cops were the ones who marked him up. That fucked up face isn’t from an unruly octagon, it’s from a former high school football player with a stun gun and billy bat. Raymond is clearly tough as nails. Or at least tough as a thin piece of metal with some screws in it. That’s what totally sucks about getting in a fight. End up with one scratch on you and everyone thinks you got your ass kicked. Take it from a guy with two black eyes right now. And the worst part is that you can’t correct them without sounding like a bigtime hardo. Just gotta kinda nod your head and be like haha yup I got punched in the face. Whatever. I got your back, Raymond Garcia. I don’t care if the internet wants to laugh at you for getting beaten up by a stop sign. I know you won that battle. Just lost the war once the cavalry came rushing in. No shame in that.