So last week I had lunch with Dennis and Callahan.   Talked about the potential of doing some shit with them.   Yes worlds may be colliding Rotillo, Rodillo, Romillo.   Anyway at the end of lunch I said to John Dennis that if this works out the only thing I’d ask is for him to give me a couple “How Gallant Is That’ shoutouts when I’m on the air.   Well dude looked at me like I had 9 heads.   To the point I started second guessing myself and actually asked him if he was even in Kingpin?  Like maybe I was losing my mind?   I was legitimately confused.   Even after I mentioned the movie he still didn’t remember it for like 10 minutes.   Maybe the most baffling thing I’ve ever encountered.   It’s probably my favorite line in the entire movie and he had no clue he said it.  Stunning.   It would be like Clint Eastwood forgetting he said “Go ahead make my day”  Getting old sucks.