Look I like the Constitution. Don’t really have a need to change it. You want a gun? Fine. Have a gun. Have a trillion guns. But not if you’re a little dickhead like this. Walking around Main Street in broad daylight with what appears to be a fucking AK strapped across his chest. When the video started I figured he had a six shooter on his belt or something. Nope,  my jaw hit the floor when the cop grabbed some big bertha hanging over his shoulder. And he’s got the balls to ask what the reasonable suspicion to be stopped is. Bro you’re geared up like you’re on a march to Stalingrad. That’s the reasonable suspicion. Some rights aren’t inalienable and if you’re a little piece of shit like this kid who acts like an ass to waste police officer’s time just so you can film it then you don’t deserve your “God given right” to have a gun.