Source – A 68-year-old woman who first hoped to become a firefighter when she was saved from a burning building at the age of five has finally achieved her dream six decades later. Andrea Peterson, from Hartford, Vermont has proven she is mentally and physically tougher than many men a third of her age by passing the gruelling tests to join her local station. The petite widow, who stands just 5 foot 5 and weighs 122 pounds, began working as firefighter after years of being deterred from the profession because it was a ‘man’s job’. ’It became the love affair of the century,’ she told the Huffington Post of her first days in the role. ‘I kept thinking, why didn’t I do this when I was 20?’ She first dreamed of becoming a firefighter after becoming trapped in a burning building in Los Angeles as a child, when a fire erupted as her mother cooked in the kitchen. They were rescued by firefighters and she recalled the exhilaration she felt when she was thrown from the window – as well as the certainty that firefighting was her future career. When she told the firefighters her ambitions, ‘they laughed [and] said, “You’ll be a good mommy, you’ll be a good teacher, maybe you’ll be a nurse, but you can never be a fireman”.’


Has the Hartford, VT fire department just conceded to the fire? Are they throwing in the towel and letting the flames win? That’s sure what it looks like to me. Why else would you hire a 68 year old female firefighter unless you were trying to throw the fight? Umm newsflash guys. She’s old. Old people can’t do anything worthwhile. And even worse – she has a vagina! Old chicks are the last people on earth that should be running into a burning building. Look I don’t want to sound sexist or anything but it should be illegal for women to be firefighters because they’re mentally and physically inferior to men.

This broad is 5’5″, 122lbs! She could barely save a house cat! And she has wanted to do this since she was five but couldn’t make it happen until she was 68? Duurrrr, retard alert! What were you in the slow lane your entire life? Way to get around to achieving your goals in a timely manner, Andrea. Only took you half a dozen decades.

If you live in Hartford VT then I’d ramp up fire safety around the house by 200%. And make sure there are no fires at 4:30 pm. She’s gotta catch the early bird.