So this is spreading like wildfire on the Internet today. I don’t know if it’s real or fake or what, but it doesn’t matter.   I’m not going to sit here and let some 3rd grader disrespect plain donuts.  Not on my watch.  Plain donuts are the only real donuts there are. They don’t need sprinkles and sugar and all those gimmick plays. A plain donut is like the Green Bay Packers Power Sweep. Nothing tricky. Nothing fancy. You know it’s coming and you still can’t stop it. I’ve long been a champion of plain donuts. But that’s maybe just the type of person I am. I value hard work, honesty and integrity. More grit that glitter. More spit than polish. Just like a plain donut. I’m not saying I don’t enjoy a good chocolate donut or powdered donuts from time to time, but the plain donut is the foundation that all other donuts are built upon. Don’t ever forget that.

This is what order I eat my munchkins in.  Anybody who has plain less than 3rd on the donut pie chart is a moron.

1. chocolate

2. Plain

3. Glazed

4. Sugar

5. The rest