If I hear another person today make it sound like the Pats just lost all chance at the Sueprbowl because we lost the bye week or how they can’t win in Denver I may lose my shit. Since when did Patriots fans become such pussies? I mean Jesus Christ. We’re the best fucking team of the past decade. We’ve been to five superbowls. We’ve won 3. We’ve been within a minute of winning all five. We have the best QB in football. We have the best coach in football. Gronk is coming back. And yet people are acting like we’re dead man walking now. That we can’t beat the fucking Broncos in Denver? What planet am I on? Who the fuck do people think we are? King Kong ain’t got shit on the Pats. I expect us to beat every single team we line up against in the playoffs this year and last night’s result didn’t change that. I don’t care if we’re at home on the road or on the moon. I wasn’t joking when I said I thought that last night’s loss was good for us. It gets the clunker out of the system. Get all the turnovers and fumbles and shit out of the way before it matters. I mean people do know that 5 out of the last 7 superbowls have featured at least one team that played during Wildcard weekend right? I just don’t get where all this doom and gloom is coming from? Bottomline is gun to head I still pick the Pats vs. everybody regardless of where the game is. Anybody who would do otherwise is a fool or lying.