This was blogged on Monday across the network.   Now every Tom Dick and Harry is sending it to me because the Internet is generally a week behind us so they are just catching up now.   Anyway I  never posted it on Boston because frankly this girl is amateur hour.   There is only one girl football player on this planet that gets front page headlines from me and that’s Wondergirl Carly.  The girl football player conversation starts and ends with her.  All this new girl did was run to daylight.   Wondergirl Carly breaks ankles, throws TD, pick 6′s the works.  And I’m not just talking about the on the field stuff either.  She’s the type of player that you can build a franchise around.  I’m talking about marketing and selling tickets and being the face of the franchise. I mean look at the way the crowd, the coaches and her teammates react every time she touches the ball. (My favorite part of the video is watching the coaches run down the sideline with her) It’s pure magic. She just has that certain intangible quality that separates the great ones from the transcendent ones. I didn’t see one ounce of emotion from anybody in any of the other girl’s highlight tape.   Give me Wondergirl Carly all day everyday off camera everyway.