Sun – FEMALE teachers have been issued with overcoats in southern India after teenage boys snapped their backsides on camera phones and set up a rate-your-rear website. Kerala State Education Board president Ibrahim Khan said: “Students have been sneaking pictures while their teachers are writing on the blackboard and then uploading them with sexual and offensive comments.” He added: “We have tried confiscating phones but still they find a way so we have given teachers coats or aprons to wear so there is nothing to see.”

Best story I’ve read on the Internet all day.   Listen everybody thinks I’m some sort of Internet billionaire just sitting around dreaming about senoritas and margaritas all day long.  Wrong.  I’m slugging it out in the mud trying to pay our bills like everybody else.   Trying to figure out ways to cut costs.   Well what better way to do it than to outsource my smut to India.  These bastards will probably work for half the price that my guys do currently.   Go buy myself an Indian version of KFC, Kmarko, Mo, Big Cat and shit.   Maybe get a dude to break down Cricket like Thornton does with the Pats.  Maybe even an Indian Neil just to be people’s punching bags.   It’s a no brainer.  There is a reason IT companies outsource to India.  Those fuckers will work for a bowl of curry.   Done and done.