Awesome.   Simply awesome.    Is there anything better than old school coaches?  Guys who drop the F bomb every other second and just freak the fuck out.  Seriously I could watch this all day long.  Nothing better than playing for guys like this.   Like I guarantee you every player on Texas just sits around and recounts Augie Garrido stories and imitates him and shit at parties.   Nothing beats crusty old military style coaches.  The best.   My high school baseball coach was like this and my friends and I still die laughing thinking about the shit he used to say.     In fact I’m pretty sure he used that exact boxing analogy on us like 10 times.   Unfortunately guys like Augie Garrido are a dying breed because parents and administrators freak out nowadays when coaches swear or are mean to their players.  Everything has to be nice and rosey so little Johnny’s feelings don’t get hurt.  It sucks.