Capitalfm – Carine Felizardo, a curvy model from the northern state of Para was late Friday crowned Miss Bumbum, a title rewarding Brazil’s sexiest female derriere. “I am overwhelmed, very, very happy,” the winner said, choking back tears. “I would like to thank those who voted for me, those who believed in me, my family, my friends.” Felizardo, who is single, said she was honored to receive the unusual title. “I am very proud of my bumbum (as Brazilians call the backside), proud to represent the Brazilian woman,” she added, stressing that she owed her victory to years of hard gym training. The popular contest is lifting spirits in this huge metropolis wracked by a murder spree that has claimed more than 300 lives in the past month. The young ladies worked hard to prepare for the final, including taking surfing and jungle training courses to tighten their buns. The symbolic significance of the bumbum in Brazilian culture cannot be underestimated, as shown by the wild popularity of bum dancing among the young.“I think that the tropical climate, the carnival and all this racial mixing gives the Brazilian woman a unique biotype on the planet,” pageant organizer Cacau Oliver, a well-known female beauty spotter, told AFP in October.“The Brazilian woman’s derriere is a part of the body that the whole world admires and the contest just reaffirms this,” he added.


Jungle training improves a chick’s ass? Well that’s something I didn’t know. Live and learn I suppose. This obviously begs the next question. Where is the nearest Jungle that I can drop the First Lady in? Does Blue Hill Ave count? Because if so I’m totally going to just drop her ass there and expect her to come back with a bumbum and a half.

As a side note, while I certainly appreciate this contest I feel like Brazil is getting a little too cocky for their own good. Like who died and made them the bumbum capital of the world? What is this college football? Let’s settle this thing on the field. A bumbum world cup. I’m sure Argentina and Columbia would have something to say about the outcome. And with all due respect to the Miss Bumbum organizers let’s have Reef handle the Bumbum World Cup. This is amateur hour compared to that. Although I did appreciate the making out. Gave it a nice strip club/blackout party vibe.