- The freaks come out at night. They glom onto your elbow, disrupt your conversations and worst of all, they freeze out the real hot prospects. First step? Slip on the ring — a little bright lie that says you’re married to the man of your dreams (whenever he gets here). When the coast is clear, stash your secret weapon in your keychain. Next time an unwanted suitor lurks near, tap your inner vixen and remember: you’re Ms. Taken.

What’s included

• 2 carat Australian crystal ring in a stainless steel setting
• Keychain fob
• 20 “Playaz” cards
• High-quality jewelry case

First the Ipod Vibrator and now this. At this rate we’re going to replace Daily Candy as the #1 website for bitches on the planet. Anyway while I think this video is cute and the idea is clever it’s also fundamentally flawed. I mean everybody knows diamond rings don’t scare off scumbags. Instead it just attracts them like flys. So if anything the fake ring will do more harm than good because the only people it will ward off is normal dudes. Unless of course a chick is a super freak and wants to fuck guys who think they’re fucking a married chick.  In that case the ring works and it’s balls to the wall.


PS – I’m kind of in love with the hot chick in this video.