I know what everybody is thinking. Pres has a weakness? I don’t believe it. Say it ain’t so! Well I’m afraid it’s true friends. My Achilles heel is that I don’t have a go to drink. I don’t know even know how it’s gotten to this point, but it just has. I think about 5 -8years ago I realized I didn’t know what to order at grown up bars where you don’t want to look like a child ordering a Bud Light bottle and you don’t want to look like a fairy ordering a glass of wine. I was lost, embarrassed and alone so I just kept quiet about it. Never wanted to make a stink about it. I just pretended I knew what I was doing and kept ordering shit I hated. Bottomline is I’m a beer and wine guy. That’s it. I love beer. I love wine. That’s all I ever drink. This weekend I tried to order a Bourbon. Gross. I tried to order Whisky. Gross. I tried to ordering scotch. Gross. What the fuck am I supposed to drink? I need something dark that I can clink ice cubes around to look mogullike and make chicks wet that doesn’t taste like ass. The fact I haven’t got a signature drink yet is by the far the most disappointing thing about me. I mean seriously how many moguls don’t have a go to power drink? It’s unacceptable and I know it. I’m sorry, but I just to get that off my chest and stop living a lie. Phew. I feel like a weight has been lifted now. Oh and I’m a degenerate gambler too.