So here’s the deal.  BarstoolU and Barstool Sports  area launching the best frat tour in the history of frat tours.  Introducing the Barstool Blackout Tour 2011.    Here’s what this is gonna look like.  We show up with enough blacklights, lasers, strobes, and fog to fill Madison Square Garden, along with white pinnies customized to your frat and  school for the party.   Frats can fucking give em out as invites if they want or whatever.  They’ll probably become collecters items that you can pay your tuition on with.  Or give them to chicks and get your fuck on.  Whatever floats your boat. We’ll also be bringing along our own specifically picked Barstool Blackout Tour DJ  (who will be announced soon) to bring down the house.   Basically the best looking and sounding party you’ll go to all year.  So if you want to to throw the best party this fall on your campus give us a shout.  We’re gonna promote the shit out of the tour in advance on the Stool and each party will have its own video on the U afterwards that we film.  We’re going everywhere too.  This isn’t a New England tour.

So if you wanna be the coolest kids on campus contact us for details, email us at or to book your stop on BarstoolU Blackout Tour 2011.


Sept 16th – Clemson at Sigma Chi..