Youtube - A number of dwarves, a deformed calf and a talented acrobat from Xinjiang are the main attractions of the theme park. Every day, twice, dwarf dancers and dwarf singers perform in front of an audience of families and schools. If at first glance, this crazy idea of creating a theme park based on dwarfs can at least be perplexing, for these people who come from all parts of China, is certainly one of the few alternatives to a life of begging.

Can we have real talk for a minute? What type of lunatic parent would ever take their kid to this dwarf theme park? I mean these aren’t like the 7 dwarfs from Disney. These motherfuckers are creepy. Everything about them is creepy. The music is creepy. The dancing is creepy. The fact they are so short is creepy. Like I’m 100% gonna have nightmares about these midgets tonight and I’m a grown ass man. I can’t imagine being a kid trying to work this shit out in my brain. Not to mention the fact it’s only a matter a time till they stage a rebellion and just start taking motherfuckers hostage. I mean look at this bitch’s face. You’re telling me she’s not over this shit? It’s like a dwarf ticking time bomb….

PS – Speaking of dwarfs today there was a picture on TMZ of Wes Welker wearing a Buffalo Bills tshirt (weird) and  throwing a party where he hired all midgets to be the waiters.   Apparently he’d love to visit the Dwarf Empire.

Oh and here is the smoke he’s with…