NYPost- The drunken lout seen sucker-punching a “Jersey Shore” hottie in a video clip gone viral is a New York City public school teacher, The Post has learned. And the sudden right cross seen across the Internet has earned Queens gym teacher Brad Ferro a technical knockout — he’s been moved out of class and into one of the Department of Education’s teacher reassignment centers, also known as a “rubber room,” agency officials confirmed. Ferro, a gym teacher at North Queens Community HS, was initially told to lay off the booze by bouncers at the popular resort bar because he seemed too drunk, Seaside Heights Det. Steve Korman told The Post. Ferro managed to stay inside the bar and eventually swiped booze belonging to Snooki and her entourage that had been placed on the bar top.

I got to be honest. Today is like the slowest blog day of all time. I got nothing. Sure the Celts have won 9 in a row and are playing great basketball but it’s still too early for me to really get whooped up about the NBA. So I guess I’ll just talk about that dude who sucker punched Snooki in the face for her catching him stealing her drink.  (Figure that one out) Turns out he’s a gym teacher in Queens and as a result of hte punch he has been sent to the “rubber room” which I guess is where they send insubordinate guidos in NYC.   I’ll have to ask KFC if he’s ever been there?   Kinds of sounds like Waterworks to me?  Either way I give last night’s episode of Jersey Shore a D+. Just way too much Ronnie, JWoww, Sammy Sweatheart and that disgusting bitch who got kicked off.  Seriously who cast that miserable fuck to be on this show?   They should be fired on the spot.   Anyway I’m going to keep this short and sweet for the producers.  More Situation, more Snooki and less of everybody else. Period.

PS – Was I the only one who thought the funniest part of last night was watching ”The Situation” flex or whatever he was doing when Sammi Sweetheart left to go her date with Ronnie?   Like was he just trying to get up off his bed and his muscles got stuck or was that an impromtu pep talk he was giving himself? 

Oh and the fact that Snooki eats pickles like cheez it’s was kind of funny too.