Now I know this guy wasn’t on the jumbotron doing this (at least I don’t think he was), but I’ve always wondered what I’d do if the camera went on me at a Celts game. Like you have to be prepared right? You need to be ready to do something so you don’t just sit there like an asshole. If you’re at the game with a chick I think the move is obvious. You just pull a ferocious make out session. The crowd eats that shit up every time. But if you’re with your buddies it gets more complicated. You can’t just point to your shirt or dance crazy. That gets old fast. So I think the fake dome is a pretty good move here. I mean I laughed and that’s all you can really hope for in that situation. Give the crowd something different to enjoy.

Anyway time to rank fake dome. Vote 1 for these guys got the gay and 10 for you can never go wrong with a little fake dome action.


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