I know it’s only week 5, but I think it’s pretty freaking obvious the Patriots are the best team in the AFC and headed towards either a rematch with the Giants or will play SF on Feb 3rd in New Orleans.   Maybe Chicago? So to answer my own question no it’s not to early to get a hotel room and airplane tickets.   Because it just doesn’t get any better than going to a Pats superbowl in the Big Easy. And yes I’d say it’s a mortal lock so don’t worry about spending the money.

PS – This is a pre-emptive strike against the media. Spare me the 4th quarter comeback nonsense.  When you’re up 30 in the 4th the other team will always make a little run.   The Broncos were outclassed, outgunned, out-manned from the word go.


Jambalaya indeed.