BOSTON (CBS)CSNNE’s Gary Tanguay took to Twitter over the weekend and listed all the Red Sox who aren’t the clubhouse “snitch.” Manager Bobby Valentine made a remark to rookie third baseman Will Middlebrooks back in June, saying “nice inning kid” after he had a couple of errors in the field. Whoever the “snitch” was went to GM Ben Cherington, who then approached Valentine about the situation. So Toucher & Rich broke down Tanguay’s Tweets, and when it was all said and done, the last player standing was John Lackey…“The reality is, when Lackey showed up things went south,” said Tanguay. “A lot of people are blaming Beckett for being the bad influence. I think Lackey is as bad as an influence on Beckett than anybody. That pitching staff lost it’s soul. John Farrell left, Lackey came in and he’s a guy of questionable character anyways. That’s when it all went south.”

There are a dozen reasons not to believe this.  Tanguay is exactly the kind of hyper-critical Boston-media shit-stirrers I’ve never much cared for.  One of those guys who’s drawing a paycheck from the Celtics so he wouldn’t criticize them if they went on an interstate bank heists, but who needs all his strength to say one positive thing about the Patriots because Belichick doesn’t play ball with the press.  Plus he doesn’t have one shred of evidence to back up the claim Lackey’s the snitch.  That said, I believe Tanguay on this one.  I guess just because I want to believe it.  That and the fact that it makes perfect sense.  All the elements of the crime are there.   Opportunity?  What the hell does he have to do all day?  Means?  Cherington was involved in paying Lackey $80-something million dollars.  This isn’t some slappie up from AAA.  Of course he’ll take a meeting with him.  Motive?  He still hasn’t gotten over the fact that Valentine took his clubhouse beer away.  It all makes perfect sense.  Good deductions by Tanguay and I’m on board with his theory 100%.

My only problem is I refuse to accept it stops there.  Lackey’s hanging out in the dugout all season for a reason, and obviously it’s to spy.  Why else would he?  But what I want to know is who does he work for?  He’s not smart enough to pull off an operation like this on his own.  He’s got to be somebody’s… well, lackey.  So we need to find out who put him up to this?  Who’s he reporting to?  Did Cherington embed him there to spy on the manager he didn’t want to hire in the first place?  And if so, why would he out his own inside man?  Is it Lucchino, even though he hired Bobby V?  Maybe he doesn’t trust his own guy.  Or does this thing go all the way to the top?  It could because it sounds like a perfect John Henry operation.  Who would ever suspect a simpleton like John Lackey could be a mole?  It would be like Jack Bauer finding out Edgar Stiles was working for the Russians or something.  Just a brilliantly Machiavellian move by Henry.

Now we just have to figure out who the counter-intelligence agent was who ratted Lackey out to Gary Tanguay.  Because this espionage stuff is the only fun the Sox are going to provide us this season.  @JerryThornton1