Source – Nick Cannon says he and his pop diva wife listen to her songs while the married couple “Make It Happen” in the bedroom, the “America’s Got Talent” revealed on Howard Stern’s radio show. In case anyone out in radioland was wondering which tune is No. 1 on Cannon’s sex chart, that would be the Carey hit, “Hero.” In fact, Cannon doesn’t even need his busty beau in the room to get in the mood, further telling Stern that he masturbates to her song catalogue when she’s on the road, in the Tuesday interview flagged by the Huffington Post. ”Absolutely. When she’s not there. Why Not,” said the 31-year-old radio and television personality.  “I don’t light candles but sometimes you’ve got to be reminded what’s at home.” Maybe all that pent up energy comes from the six weeks between the couple’s first date and their marriage in 2008 – a fallow period in which Cannon swears the couple didn’t have sexual relations, even of the Clinton kind.


I could care less about Nick Cannon or Mariah Carey. Yeah I’ll listen to her sing some songs around the holidays and give the annual “Mariah is still pretty hot I guess” comment and that’s about it. But I simply couldn’t believe what I was reading when I saw this quote by Nick Cannon. He jerks off to her music when she’s not around? Ok buddy. That’s got to be the biggest lie in the history of this planet. No man on earth has ever masturbated thinking about his wife or girlfriend. Not one. Never. That’s fantasy time. That’s when you go into fiction land in your mind and bang two Asian twins or whatever you’re into. You don’t put on your wife’s album and make it a sensual experience. You kidding me Nick Cannon? Every dude in the world just called bullshit on this one. Some fucking balls you got trying to get away with a whopper like that.

PS – But you guys can still jerk off to her if you’re into heavy camel toe.