“This is me getting excited about the Barstool Can Contest this weekend. Anyone that wants to enter gets $100 for participating, see you all at Ocean Club on Sunday!”

- Jenna from Stoollala

Don’t worry ladies.  Jenna ain’t competing.  She’s a judge.    After all if anybody can spot a great can, it’s a girl with a great can.  As a reminder our Final Can Contest is Sunday at Ocean Club.    FREE ADMISSION BEFORE 7PM.   After 7pm there is a 20 dollar cover.   The first round starts at 7:30.    As a reminder the winner gets $2,000.00.    Any ladies who wish to compete should send paul an email atpaul@barstoolsports.com.      You need to bring 3 changes of clothes.  Can be whatever you want.  Bikinis, lingerie, daisy dukes etc.       Whatever you think works best!    All pre qualified candiates get 100 bucks just for competing.