In case you haven’t noticed it’s officially the Stool vs. the world with our Blackout Tour.   Everyday somebody new is taking a shot at the crown.  Today it was the Daily Mail.  Yesterday it was ABC News.   The day before that the Huffington Post.   The day before that the NY Post.  I got Anderson Cooper on line 1 and Inside Edition on line 2.  Literally.    And on and on and on it goes.  Everybody saying the same thing for the most part.  That Barstool is responsible for the downfall of society.   That we are forcing girls to dress in skimpy outfits and shake their ass.  That we are fueling drunken sexy orgies.  That we are forcing college kids to act like college kids.    And without fail whenever one of these articles appears I get flooded with people telling me I need to hire a PR firm or learn how to spin the media.    My reaction is always the same.   Are you shitting me brah?   I could pay millions upon millions of dollars hiring the best PR companies in the country and they couldn’t do a tenth of what I’m doing here.   We are front page World news.   Not national news.  World news.    Oh you’re going to tell kids everywhere how insane our raves are?   Gee don’t do that!   No not that!    Hey newflash…Barstool Sports is a party brand now.  We party or die.    I couldn’t be getting better press for what we do right now in my book.  Haters gonna hate… Davey Pageviews gonna slate….