Bostonherald  – Pat Santos’ heave from about 80 feet off a missed free throw beat the buzzer and gave East Boston (4-0) a wild 43-42 victory over Madison Park (1-1) at the Madidome in a battle of Boston City League rivals last night.


You have to click below to watch the video because the Herald is idiots and has all their videos set up to autoplay, but it’s worth the click. In all my years of watching hoops I’ve never seen a play like that. The missed free throw was 100% the right move. You just don’t expect a kid to grab the rebound and bury an 80 footer in 1 second. And I know the Madison Park coach didn’t think it was legal, but it totally was. You can’t even start and stop the clock fast enough to say the buzzer went off first. Bottomline is you just never know what’s going to happen at the Madidome.