So yesterday I said that I thought our smokeshow looked like Jennifer Connolly which is really the highest compliment I can pay a chick because I think Jennifer Connolly is pretty much perfect.    It obviously got me to thinking of the above scene from Career Opportunities when she is riding the rocking horse.   I got rock hard watching this when I was 12 and I still get rock hard watching this now.     In my humble opinion it may just be the sexiest non nude movie scene of all time. Anyway this naturally brings up one of the great debates of our generation.  What are the top 10 hottest non nude sex scenes of all time?  Here is my top 10 list.  And some scenes like Wild Things in the pool I did not include because there was side tit and it was basically a nude scene in my mind….

10. Scarlett Johannson – Match Point

9. Jessica Simpson Dukes of Hazzard

8. Selma Hayek – Dusk Till Dawn

7. Ali Larter – Varsity Blues

6. Van Damne – Kickboxer

5. Elisha Cuthbert – Girl Next Door

4. Jennifer Love Hewitt – Heartbreakers

3. Elisabeth Shue – Palmetto

2. Jessica Biel – Summer Catch

1. Jennifer Connolly – Career Opportunities