I’m obviously not even referring to it as the worst answer because it’s “inappropriate” of whatever Steve Harvey got his tubes tied in a knot about. I’m talking purely on gamesmanship. Obviously the answer here is a cock, not cum. It’s a total guess based mostly on internet search history and not real life experiences, but I’d say the world is 50/50 when it comes to spitters vs. swallowers. Zero people digest dicks like they’re a $5 footlong. I don’t know why exactly, but this answer just infuriates me. It’s flatout dumb. Really has nothing to do with personal preference either, it’s not like I’m offended she spits. Once sperm leaves me it’s really none of my concern where it goes. You can spit it, swallow it, throw it on a slide like Dexter. Whatever. Just don’t go on national television and make the world think I married an idiot woman who sucks at Family Feud.

PS – Not only can Amanda get it. But she also seemed offended Magen said sperm. Like you’re a pastors wife, I thought you’d be better on your knees you slut.