Nashua, NH The Suffolk University Baseball team grabbed their first two GNAC wins of 2009 crushing Rivier College today in a double header scoring a combined 43 runs on the day. Suffolk cruised to a 34-0 victory in Game 1, which featured 10 Rams’ hit batsmen, which ties an NCAA record. Suffolk took care of business in Game 2, 9-1. The Rams cruised in Game 1 taking advantage of a poor performance on the mound from the Raiders. Five Rivier pitchers combined to walk 18 hitters and plunk another 10, as Suffolk scored 34 earned runs.


First things first. What the fuck is Rivier College and why do they have a baseball team? I mean how do you lose to Suffolk 34-0? Seriously this isn’t the 61 Yankees we’re talking about here. It’s fucking Suffolk. I always thought as a rule of thumb college teams were supposed to be better than Little League teams, but I guess not. And the sad thing is you know these guys are pulling ass on campus for being athletes too. I mean look at #22 and #9. They think their shit don’t stink. Guys you just fucking lost 34-0. I think you can put the tough guy routine for now.

PS – Would somebody get this team a shoe deal already so they don’t have kids wearing electric blue, white and black cleats. If you’re not going to play good the least you can do is look good.