Bostonherald - Channel 7’s chief meteorologist Pete Bouchard raised some eyebrows the other evening when he cracked what came across as an off-color joke, but his boss insists his comment wasn’t meant to be crude. Channel 7 General Manager Chris Wayland explained today there was a technical difficulty with his monitor. “When he was looking at his monitor, he was cut in half and he thought that’s what was happening over the air,” Wayland said. “To imply that’s what his comment was, what people are suggesting, is ridiculous. He would never do that. “It clearly wasn’t intended the way people are portraying it,” Wayland said. Channel 7 yanked the clip off YouTube citing a copyright claim, and the station doesn’t intend to address the blooper on air. Channel 7 meteorologist Dylan Dreyer told WZLX-FM (100.7) duo “Karlson & McKenzie” today that Bouchard is “clueless” and didn’t realize what he’d said.

I don’t get people sometimes. I mean obviously Chris Wayland knows he’s full of shit here right? So why even bother to address this issue if you’re not going to tell the truth. Just say no comment and move on. But don’t sit there and say that people who are insinuating that Bouchard made a dick joke are ridiculous. Talk about insulting your audience huh? Hey look man, tell me you don’t like my firm, tell me you don’t like my idea, tell me you don’t like my fuckin neck tie, but don’t tell me Pete Bouchard didn’t make a dick joke.