First of all I’m going to save everybody the drama of voting. Yes this is the worst loss in the history of football. In terms of craziness I rank this slightly ahead of when Billy Cole took the pistol out of his pants in The Last Good Boy scout and shot a guy running down the field. Like that was more believable than this. I mean imagine if you had the Otters money line here? I don’t know who I’d stab first. The kid who spiked the ball or the coach. Seriously what was he doing back there anyway? Preventing against a fake? That’s fine and dandy but why would he be in the end zone? And don’t give me any of this garbage about him jumping up and knocking the field goal away either. This is Vermont football we’re talking about. So the blame pie has to be equally spread around here. Both the kid and the coach deserved to get stoned to death Yeah I know it’s only a teenager but come on! Did you see the fucking play? That’s impossible!