Somerville News – Police responded to a report of an unwanted female at a Ten Hills Rd. residence last Thursday. The reporting party had told police that his ex-girlfriend was banging on his back door, trying to gain entry. The officers then decided to enter the building in order to remove the woman, later identified as Jenna Remy, 28, of Wayland, police said. As Remy reportedly attempted to break away from police, she was subsequently handcuffed. In the process, her phone fell to the floor and one of the officers bent down to pick it up. At that moment Remy reportedly kicked the officer in the buttocks. Remy was then held to the wall to prevent any further assaultive behavior, and she was administered a burst of pepper spray in order to get her under control. Due to her tumultuous actions, another officer was reportedly accidentally pepper sprayed in the process.During the subsequent attempt to remove Remy through the broken screen door, she reportedly squared off and kicked one of the officers in the groin area. While awaiting transport, Remy reportedly kicked the same officer she had kicked before, once again in the groin area. Remy was eventually taken away in the prisoner transport wagon, reportedly screaming all the way. Her boots have been entered into evidence as an alleged dangerous weapon.

This is always where it gets a little weird being a blogger. I like Jerry Remy. I think he likes Barstool. But you just can’t ignore the fact his daughter broke into her ex boyfriends house and went absolutely ham can you? Shit has to be blogged. It has to. I mean hardened criminals haven’t wreaked as much havoc as Jenna Remy did. Cops getting kicked in the balls. Cops getting kicked in the ass. Cops pepper spraying themselves. Her boots being listed as a dangerous weapon. Complete and utter chaos. All to try and lock up one girl. Seriously how many times are the cops going to get kicked in the junk by this chick? Kick me in the nuts once shame on you. Kick me in the nuts twice shame on me.